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Oct 28, 2013 7:00pm PDT
there are maybe two categories of copulation. those having political power. it is a matter of foreign policy. the other category deals with millions of people for which you have information from private service providers. you can ask them to provide information before providing it to the nsa. first, you have the harvest everything. this is under the category of population outside the scope of international security. which is quite wider than other countries. it is not a solution that we have in europe, and that is why when we see this data collected, we cannot only think of fighting against terrorism, but also thinking about offering things like that. >> we say it is about stopping terrorists, but is it about having a competitive edge, trolling for consumer behaviors and getting an edge on the competition in an economic war rather than a war on terrorism? >> everybody is paying everybody. they collect data. imagine 42% increase since 2010. everybody is collaborating with this kind of cyber espionage and criminality. it is not a question of one or the other, everyone is doing that. in 2012, t
Oct 31, 2013 5:00pm PDT
intentions, what they call leadership intentions, foreign policy objectives, human rights and then threats of the financial system. i find the last one to the financial system. what threats to the financial system does the vatican pose? >> that's a bit of a head scratcher because it doesn't have a particularly large amount of economic clout. occasionally they make comments about policy suggestion for how to help the world economy and how to help the world develop particularly in the developing world but it doesn't wield a lot of financial power. it isn't that big financially. it does have an institute. now, there's the institute for the works of religion which is kind of a bank that's set up to help coordinate charitable activities and currently the pope -- both pope francis and pope benedict had been working to kind of clean up some of the activity and put the vatican bank in a more rigorous footing. but it's a small bank in the scale of things. and so i don't really know what kind of threats they would imagine the holy sea would pose. >> it's very, very interesting i appreciate you givin
Nov 4, 2013 7:00am PST
a consideration for the plane bill with dissipation of foreign investors demonstrate the specific hr policy of one hundred and twenty domestic employees. the only one former senior experts are residents of cool side district center in neighboring villages. i like my job very much. it's not hard at all. i just have to control the process. the cut special attention is paid here to the quality of the product. place all for you tonight because shire pharmaceuticals production of construction materials brother dies and gunpowder the plan also helps to saudi very serious problem of the region decreasing the reserve said that a new soul for accumulated over the nineties which mean the residents of the region concerned about the negative effect on the environment local authorities sure that's all for paths around ten years will be eliminated by the end of next year sulfur generated in the oil extraction process will be processed and then exported students from countries that have developed into an application for monitoring the heartbeat of mobile phone users in case of heart rhythm disorders the applicat
Oct 31, 2013 6:00am PDT
shinzo abe's fiscal policies known as ergonomics are behind the boost. land prices rose around urban areas for the first time in five years. investors expect ergonomics to maintain the rising trend. foreigners are also attracted to the cheaper yen. the japanese currency has dropped against the u.s. dollar by 25% in one year. and they're inspired by olympic games as well. tokyo will host the event in 2020, meaning properties could rise in value. >> translator: considering relatively low prices, japan being the third largest economy and the upcoming olympic games, i don't think the current market boom is a bubble. >> reporter: in addition to individual investors, overseas and france are also getting into the japanese property market. this singaporan investment market has specific functions. they expect demand into crease as the economic industry expands. this is one of their portfolios. delivery trucks can save clients' time by driving up the ramp to a specific floor. people using the warehouse can also enjoy better security. sensors read the license plates, meaning unauthorized cars c
Oct 29, 2013 7:00pm PDT
that there is an effort from the party to minimize it. the party of policy -- party policy today is to build an inclusive society. in this context, it is not in the party's some advantage to play on ethnic tension at all. >> the daily foreign ministry briefing in beijing, questions about a uighur connection drew this response. >> you are very interested in the situation. i can reliably inform you that the current situation is by and large good and the economic and social development is very good. like i said here earlier, people from all ethnic groups want solidarity, stability and growth. the leapfrog development achieved here in terms of the economy, society and culture has been the result of a joint effort by people from all ethnic groups in xinjiang. >> steve tsang, are you convinced? >> not at all. what the government spokesman said, there is no semblance to the reality there. the idea that they treat it as a terrorist incident is also not well-based. if the chinese government really saw what happened in tiananmen square as a terrorist attack, they would have taken it very seriously. they would have
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5